Blocked toilets are one of the most common drainage problems in Streatham that we clean daily. To unblock a toilet, the outside drain will be opened and we will use drain rods or water jetting as needed.

Blocked toilets are typically caused by objects or hygiene products flushed into the toilet gathering at a bend or edge in the pipe where they grip and congeal. Unblocking should be done quickly to prevent further problems and any health risk.

We normally advise not to use strong household chemicals to clear a toilet as they rarely act long term - jetting or drain rodding is the safest solution and fastest usually clearing the drain of all debris including small tree roots that often clog drains.

Whatever your drainage problem, SW16 Drain Clearance & Unblocking Services will clean the drain. Blocked drains, drain cleaning, sink and toilet blockages are the most common problems where drain maintenance has been lacking.

Assessment of the underlying problem requires experience with drains clearance. Our intention is to quickly unblock the drain and leave it clean and hygienic.

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