A blocked sink or bath is a common drainage problem. The blockage may be in the pipe directly below the sink or further down the sink pipe entering the main drains. We carry a full range of drain and sink clearance equipment for these situations and can quickly clear sinks giving you a clean hygienic sink and drain.

Sink drain blockages are common and in the kitchen, it is often caused by the build up of food material that slowly clogs the drain; you might not even notice how it builds up in the drain until you discover the block.

A blocked toilet or sink needs urgent attention for hygiene reasons and should be cleaned promptly.

Bathroom sinks and baths are often blocked by a buildup of soap deposits, sometimes over years. The problem can arise quickly and needs urgent action for reasons of hygiene. In Streatham and surrounding areas of SW16, we will send a drain cleaning engineer with the required drainage cleaning equipment.

A fast response drain clearing service is the hallmark of our drainage business.

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Blocked Drain Clearance in London

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